Killarney 2016


September 8 to 11, 2016 saw another successful Northern Lake Amphibian Pilot’s fly-in at the newly and beautifully renovated Killarney Mountain Lodge in Ontario. Participants came from far and wide – Florida, Colorado, Alabama, and Ontario to name a few.  There were approximately 35 attendees arriving by both automobile and plane, and at one point 14 planes were parked on the front lawn of the lodge.

The pilot sessions were well attended and informative as always. Having practical questions along with the sharing of the challenges of flying, our pilots received expert advice from Elton Townsend, Harry and Christopher Shannon. Presentations by David Walter brought laughter as well as information. As always, the flying was spectacular in the beautiful Killarney area.

Excellent food, outdoor leisure activities and the company and camaraderie of other pilots was enjoyed by all.

Mark your calendar for 2017 dates, Thursday September 7th through to Sunday the 10th. Make your reservations early by phoning Killarney Mountain Lodge directly 800 – 461 – 1117.

Additional formation can be obtained from our web site below: