President’s Welcome

This is Myron after he found out we elected him president of our committee.

This is Myron after he found out we elected him president of our committee.

Welcome to the Lake Amphibian Club.  You have found the right spot to find out more information about Lake Amphibians and why they are the most fun group of people and airplanes to be associated with.  As you browse some of the pictures you will see that the Lake will take you to places other pilots only dream about.  If you choose to participate you will also meet some very interesting people who are here to make your trip more enjoyable.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us and we’ll try to get you the answer.

Myron Mitchell, President.

Myron retired from the presidency of the Rhode Island Pilots Association.  He has been flying a Lake EP for over 20 years, averaging over 100 hours per year.  He has been up and down the eastern coast numerous times, along with almost yearly trips to Oshkosh and the Ozarks where he visits family and enjoys giving rides in his Lake to folks who have never landed on the water or not been in a Lake Amphibian.


Former Director Marc Rodstein with his EP.

Because Marc wrote this so well, here it is again:

The Lake Amphibian Club is an international organization of owners, pilots, and aficionados of Lake Amphibian aircraft. This unique airplane can do what ordinary airplanes cannot do. Once you have flown a Lake, an ordinary airplane will seem mundane. Like most airplanes, it is not without its quirks, and specific Lake knowledge goes a long way to maximize the enjoyment of the airplane. We seek to provide access to that knowledge and to help you enjoy operating the Lake and minimize the cost of doing so, while avoiding the problems that can occur with the operation of any seaplane.

Our club enables a valuable social link between its members, and between users and providers of insurance, parts, and maintenance services and most importantly, expert training. We do this through our bi-monthly newsletter, our members-only internet discussion forum, and LakeFest, our annual four-day safety seminar and fly-in held in Florida.

If there is one thing every Lake pilot must obtain, it is effective training from a LAKE QUALIFIED instructor. The Lake is not hard to fly, but it is different enough that specialized training is necessary. Whether it is initial or recurrent training, there is just no substitute for training with a Lake expert. You can find a qualified Lake instructor on our instructor listing on this website. Do not put off getting trained by a Lake instructor. Many who skipped this necessary step have come to grief.

We hope that you will enjoy this website, and will contribute to it. If you are not currently a member of the club, we would welcome your participation and support. Please click here to access and print the membership application and mail it to us.