For many years, the annual gathering Lake owners was held in central Florida in early spring, and with those Lakeathon gatherings, a tradition was established for the content that members wanted the event to include:

  • Opening banquet
  • Lake Learning Session seminars each morning with:
    • Open discussion with expert Lake CFI’s on unique aspects of flying a Lake
    • Information on unique maintenance challenges of a Lake
  • Opportunity for recurrent training
  • Opportunity to fly out to new water landing sites, preferably with restaurants
  • Pleasant social environment in which to relax

But while this tradition implied for many the opportunity to escape the northern winter, it also presented problems dodging the weather to fly south in February. So, in 2018, the Club held its first LakeFest away from Florida, choosing northern Minnesota in July, in an effort to appeal to a broader base of membership. View LakeFest 2018 Event Summary 

And continuing that effort, the three-times delayed 2021 event was held in Alexandria/Pineville, LA.  Listen to the SPA podcast  recorded at the event.

While future events will continue to be be held in geographically dispersed locations that meet our selection criteria, with input from members, and provided attendance will support a successful event.  We will be returning to our roots for the 2023 event, scheduled to be held at River Ranch from April 2nd-5th.

This is the one gathering that Lake enthusiasts wait all year for. There is no other place or activity at which you can learn so much from so many veteran Lake pilots and experts.

Emphasis is on Lake Amphibian safety, knowledge, proficiency, and fun. Every year, nearly 200 Lake fans attend, with as many as fifty Lake aircraft in attendance. We spend four afternoons, beginning with the arrival day, flying and meeting individually with other members. The world’s foremost Lake experts lead morning educational seminars.

Non-members are welcome to attend any LakeFest event. The Club considers LakeFest an excellent way for Lake waanabe’s to learn more about our wonderful aircraft.

LakeFest 2024 Registration and hotel reservations are now active. Please call hotel 918-257-4204 and hit “0” for an operator. Do not go through the normal reservation options.Click here for more information